Expo Saragossa (Extracts)

2008, Initiator: Presence Switzerland / Content, design and technical realization: i-art interactive ag / Space concept: Saskia Walker, Thomas Fischer / actor: Jo Dunkel / camera: Thomas Isler

The Swiss pavilion at the Expo in Saragossa features the video installation „Unter dem See“ / „Under the Lake“. An eighteen meter long, hanging sail serves as the projection surface. In a completely darkened room the observer finds himself under the projection. From below, you see a large, rather undefined water basin in which a man is swimming. The nature and quality of the water change constantly. The man’s body and skin react to the continuously new surroundings – sometimes relaxed and languorous, then defensive and protective. The images call forth both pleasant and sensuous but also eerie and threatening feelings – thereby making the ambivalent potential of water very perceptible.