Black Milk

2002, 1 channel video, 4′, SD Pal / in collaboration with: Beat Brogle / Musik: Knut & Silvy / production: Stella Händler (freihändler film prduction)

“…In the national competition “Black Milk” by Max Philipp Schmid and Beat Brogle was honored as a work that does not represent any political demands and is one of the most formally refined and artistically concise among all the contributions in the competition. Schmid and Brogle produced the music video to the song “Black Milk” (Knut & Silvy) and respond, with harsh visuals, to the musical rhythms played by Silvy with so much verve.”
NZZ, Kathleen Bühler, 26.5.03 (on the International Experimentalfilm & Video Festival videoex Zurich)