“Temps mort”, GS in Villa Renata, Basel, 02. – 17. June 2018, Opening: Fr 01. June 2018 / 18h
Guided Tour: Do 14. June / 18h with Isabel Zürcher, artcritic

Reviews of the exhibition Collisions (in german): Filmexplorer, Kunstbulletin, and Luzerner Zeitung

Luc Mattenberger & Max Philipp Schmid – Collisions, double show, Nidwalder Museum, curators: Chantal Molleur (Whiteframe) und Patrizia Keller, 10 March bis 20 May 2018, Winkelriedhaus Stans

Sehnsuchtsorte / Places of Longing, Groupshow Kunsthaus BL, curator: Ines Goldbach, 25 January – 2 April 2018

Focus on Interview with Giuseppe Di Salvatore and Ruth Baettig (in german)