2007, 1-channel installation, loop: 5′, SD Pal / HD 1080

„Forest“ is projected onto a minimum wall space of 3.5 meters x 2.6 meters. Thus the observer is plunged into the picture. Through a special editing technique the Forest can be perceived in an almost 3-dimensional perspective and seems either to be approaching the observer or retreating from him. Then the clear structures disappear and the eye is forced to focus on a point of reference that will make the image legible.

„You don’t see the forest for the trees – or vice versa: you don’t see trees for all that forest. Composed from three stationary pictures with slightly shifted lines of vision, the forest remains a place as such, with perspectives and points of view intact. At the same time, the laws of depth perception are counteracted, or perhaps newly measured. This calming, predominantly green visual as high as the wall accelerates in an optical staccato into a kind of shimmering revolving motion before it then releases that motion – to become a mossy path, which because of its pixel structure, takes on a picturesquely charming surface.“

Isabelle Zürcher, on the occasion of the purchase by the Kunstkredit Basel

Text by Chantal Mollheur (Whiteframe) for the exhibition “Frenetic Stillstand”.