Guests (extracts)

2003, 5 channel installation, loop ca.14′, SD Pal / in collaboration with Beat Brogle / sound: Silvia Buonvicini & Knut Jensen / camera: Thomas Isler / production: Stella Händler (freihändler film produktion) / actors: René Haberthür, Peter Leopold, Erwin Müller, Gerd Spitz, Andreas Wälchli

Five projections in a dark room. The camera roams over scrubby vegetation at night. Men appear, mostly old faces. They look up, turn their heads, look at us, one of them screws up his mouth, another stares down in a blind rage. The sound track suggests a slow pulse, interspersed with random noises and shreds of music. Computer-generated and organic structures overlay the pictures like a thicket. Digital image processing has dissected the images and rearranged their components. The faces have been distorted, torn to shreds and overlaid with picture disturbances. Time and again the pictures threaten to disintegrate. The expressions on the men’s faces no longer reflect real emotions, but are mired in an artificial ambivalence of somnambulistic absorption and latent aggression.