Membrane – Short (extracts)

2019, 15, HD / with Karin Minger, Thomas Douglas, David Wohnlich. Voices: Desirée Meiser, Thomas Douglas, Ueli Jäggi. Artistic collaboration, production: Stella Händler. camera: Thomas Isler. Set design, costume design: Monika Görner. Music: J. S. Bach. Piano: Michael Donkel. Sounddesign: Max Philipp Schmid. Sounddesign and mix: Hartmut Homolka.

Has the catastrophe already happened or is it about to take place? And as in a classical drama, will it provide a catharsis? Two men and a woman sit in their bunker-like apartments, as if they were in a waiting room. Overwhelmed by the flood of media information and guidebook words of wisdom, they seek stability in the piano play of the educated middle-class and Far-eastern techniques of self-optimization. They yearn for a life, in which their own experiences come together to a meaningful whole. But the protective membrane, meant to filter incoming influences, has long begun to crack. They lose sight of the overall picture and the fear of diffused dangers immobilizes them. With frenzied activism, they try to avoid idleness. Something has to happen! But nothing does – when will the catastrophe happen or has it already happened? Which act are we in?