Garten der Arten

A collaboration with Esther Hiepler
2- channel slideshow with sound, loop ca. 17 min.
Speaker: Gerd Hiepler, textfragments: John Berger, Lucius Burckhardt, John Prest, Max Hauskeller

Garden of species shows appearances of artificial nature, which we collected on our journeys during the last ten years. We took photos in zoos, botanical gardens, and in the streets of several citys. The text fragments basically come from two articles; „Why do we look at animals?“ from John Berger, and „Garden of Species“ from Lucius Burckhardt. Lucius Burckhardt’s article concerns the try of reconstructing garden eden. John Berger’s text reflects the replacement of nature with substitutes. The speaker asks: „Are there two creations or were there two adams?“ It seems like he strolls through a desperate and failed second creation, made by men.

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