1993, 1-channel video, 3′, SD Pal / singers: Esther Hiepler, Markus Wolff / Music: W.A. Mozart, musical arrangement: Knut Jensen / Postproduktion: Christian Regennass

In Duett (Duet) a man and woman sing the “Papageno-Papagena Duet” from Mozart’s Magic Flute . The mastery of the difficult score is achieved here not by the “singers,” but rather by the editor. Note-for-note the sounds and images have been pieced together. Thereby, it is always the case that what one hears, one also sees. In other words, the sounds which one hears always belong to the same corresponding visible images, i.e., they are “original sounds.” Only sound duration and sound sequence were determined through the cut. The two singers are framed by roses which have been flung in a circle . The composition survives its forceful, crude interpretation, the singers retain their charm despite innumerable cuts: technique and naturalness come together in playful harmony.