2002, 3 channel installation, loop ca. 4′, SD Pal

With “found footage” from catastrophe films, «Nebenhelden» examines the behavioral patterns of heroes and the others, the side-figures. While the former can be heard shouting their commands and their emotional speeches, the latter are characterized by the expressions on their faces. The faces of the „co-heroes“ have been enlarged from film scenes, fill the screen and oust images which would otherwise depict the actions of the heroes. We focus on the emotions of the „side figures“, turning them into „co-heroes“. Their silent subjection, their stunned horror, the glimmer of hope in their eyes reflect the threatening situation. As representatives of the observers, they are passively at the mercy of the catastrophe. Only heroic deeds can bring salvation and so the „co-heroes“ passively submit to this ruthless pressing ahead, the high-handed orders of the heroes.